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Sticks & Stones (group exhibition)

Some of my new work will be in a group exhibition called Sticks & Stones, curated by Bill Schubert and opening at Heights Arts (2175 Lee Road, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118) on June 15th. The following weekend there will be a cairn building workshop on site that I'll also participate in. The exhibition promises to be exiting with artists including Kevin Kautenburger, Andy Curlowe, Freeland SouthardJeanetta Hos, and Steven Mastroianni, and myself.

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to Oct 21

ART SAFIENTAL land art biennale (Switzerland)

  • Art Safiental Land Art Biennale (map)
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description from Biennale website: 

"The on-site artistic works result from a dialogue with nature and the environment. Created in the spirit of a transdisciplinary practice, they are concerned with questioning, exploring and revising the historical term Land Art.  as well as transdisciplinary practice. The works constitute proposals for a possible future Land Art which integrates the environment, history and society into its production in addition to landscape and nature. Incorporating the notions of landscape and nature, the created works reimagine Land Art into a practice which integrates the environmental, historical and societal aspects. The artworks of Art Safiental are temporary; they are spread over the length of 25 miles through the Safien Valley starting from Versam at the entrance to the valley, through Tenna and Safien in its middle and to Thalkirch and Turrahus at its end."

More information here.

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to Sep 22

solo exhibition at Fawick Art Gallery, Baldwin Wallace University

  • Fawick Art Gallery Kleist Center for Art & Drama (map)
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I don't have many details about this show yet, and the exact dates are not nailed down yet, but it's coming up and it's going to be amazing. I have a body of new work that will be presented here and I'm really excited about it. I'll post details in my newsletter which you can subscribe to here.

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to Sep 22

For Freedoms (Art Academy of Cincinnati)

  • Ruthe G. Pearlman Gallery (Art Academy of Cincinnati) (map)
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Three of my pieces will be included in this group exhibition at the Ruthe G. Pearlman Gallery in a show of Ohio artists working on issues related to power and voices in our current political climate. The exhibition is curated by Emily Hanako Momohara. My pieces on view include:

  1. My Lack of Redness is Transparent (2017)
  2. Deportes (2017)
  3. Mar-a-Lago-Becomes-a-Swamp (Mar-a-Lago-a-Pantano)


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to Nov 29

show at ACRE PROJECTS (Chicago) curated by Kate Sierzputowski

As part of my 2017 residency with ACRE, my work will be featured at ACRE Projects (1345 W 19th Street, Chicago, IL 60608) in an exhibition curated by Kate Sierzputowski (also check out her writing for Hyperallergic here).

I'm really excited about this show and I will post details here as the show approaches. In the meantime, sign up for my newsletter to stay informed: 

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to Mar 15

W2S (Window to Sculpture) Emerging Artist Series 2019 Exhibition at The Sculpture Center

On view Friday, Jan. 25, 2019 (Opening Reception) to Friday, Mar. 15, 2019. 

The Sculpture Center press release

About the W2S series: 

Through the Window to Sculpture Emerging Artist series (W2S), The Sculpture Center has advanced the careers of exceptional Ohio artists for over 25 years. In 2014, we expanded the program to include artists from the greater area of the Great Lakes region, adjoining states, and Ontario, Canada. The Sculpture Center embraces artists whose art practices include sculpture, installation, mixed and expanded media, relational aesthetics and performance.

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to May 5

non//sense (Montreal)

An exhibition with Chris Horne, Kat Burdine, Kelley O'Brien, Anthony Warnick, Arthur Russel, and myself at Uncommon Senses 2 at Concordia University, Montreal. Here is the exhibition description:

"non//sense invites conference attendees to interact with seven works by six artists to explore the uncommon senses of environments. This interactive micro-exhibit encourages spectators to embody altered apprehensions of amplification and suppression, presence and absence, imminence and ephemerality—sense and non-sense."

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6:00 PM18:00

Looking to geologic pasts to imagine future worlds (creative writing workshop)

I'll be running a writing workshop with science fiction writer Charles Oberndorf as part of Sara Black and Amber Ginsburg's exhibition 7000 Marks on view now at SPACES in Cleveland (2900 Detroit Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44113. The event is free and open to the public. Here is the description of the event from the SPACES website. 

"A geologist and a fiction writer will lead creative workshop, Adapting into the Future, Looking to Former Landscapes to Imagine Future Worlds, as part of 7000 Marks
CREATIVE WRITING - Looking to geologic pasts to imagine future worlds
Human beings understand the world through human scales of reference, both physically and in time. The study and consideration of geology encourages us to imagine deep time as it reaches into the past and the art of science fiction enables us to consider deep futures. Join artist and geologic thinker Ryan Dewey, science fiction author Charles Oberndorf and 7000 Marks artists Sara Black and Amber Ginsburg in a discussion on these themes and activate the 7000 pencils through a creative writing workshop in which we will aim to imagine outside of the human timeframe into deep futures."

Read more here.

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