RYAN DEWEY's post-disciplinary work addresses ecological & social issues by conjuring new tools and processes for collaboration with nature.


My work focuses on illuminating the hidden costs of modern society to help people think about nature in new ways. I utilize empathy, ritual and speculative design to communicate important topics in climate change, land use, and infrastructural systems. By drawing formal comparisons between supply chains and geologic forces like glaciers my work highlights how capitalism acts as a geologic process to extract and displace resources and people on global scales. Currently my work attempts to build collaborations between contemporary humans and geologic forces in far-off future climate conditions.


Ryan Dewey’s work is a kind of socially-engaged ecological dreaming that takes shape as installation, performance, research, workshops, and land art. He has an MA from Case Western Reserve University where he wrote Hack the Experience: Tools for Artists from Cognitive Science (Punctum Books, in press) during two appointments as visiting researcher in cognitive science. His writing has also appeared in international publications including KERB, MONU, and Archinect. His business-as-form/speculative design work been written about in Nicola Twilley’s Edible Geography & Warren Ellis’ Orbital Operations, and his spatial-emotional practice has been covered by the Psychonomic Society. His object-based, performance, and installation work pops up in unexpected venues including the British Society for Geomorphology, the American Association of Geographers, the Annenberg School for Communication, Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative, Kickstarter, and living history festivals, as well as more traditional art venues including SPACES, ACRE, and artist run-spaces across the country.