12 x 39 x 26cm

salt, epoxy resin, Artemia salina eggs

300 million years ago the spot where you are standing was an ancient ocean which evaporated and left a deposit of salt. That salt deposit was subsequently covered with glacial sediments during the last ice age 11,000 years ago. These two salt blocks were mined under the Great Lakes and 2,000 feet of glacial clay. Our Great Lakes are massive puddles formed from the meltwater of receding glaciers. Inside these salt blocks are vials of dormant brine shrimp eggs, and the blocks are coated in epoxy resin to protect the salt from dissolving in the elements. These two objects are latent tide pools, objects of potential landscaping, waiting for activation. If they persist until the next ice age, a future glacier might abrade the resin coating and release the salt into the glacial meltwaters, awakening a colony of brine shrimp to seed a new evolution. An ancient salt to be activated by a geologic force in the deep future in collaboration with present day humans obsessed with plastics, these future tide pools connect the deep past to the deep future with a pause for contemplation in the present.


A Shadow As A Stain

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