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GEOCOG turns 5 this year - time for a relaunch

My art collaborative GEOCOG (formerly Geologic Cognition Society) turns 5 this year, so I thought I would relaunch the project and add something new. 

Here's a shot of print postcards for the soft-relaunch.

Here's a shot of print postcards for the soft-relaunch.

Geologic Cognition has operated as a consultancy and experience design agency since 2013. We still offer workshops, charrettes, and consulting services for museums, architecture firms, businesses, festivals and schools, and in this our fifth year we're adding something new to the mix. We want to help people comprehend deep time through two new encounters with the natural world: guided meditations on geologic time, and bizarre geologic knick-knacks in our shop. Also, we've been friends long enough that we think you could start calling us GEOCOG for short.

The shop features a range of natural and artificial objects and meditations and over time they will start to tell a story about sculptural work I'm engaged in; giving context to the work in ways that aren't didactic. This is a new platform that permits a new sort of dialog about complexity and geologic scale systems while also contextualizing the human scale experience of our bodies and our notions of time. It will be fun. Take a minute to take a peek around: