A Granular Wash of Disorientation

Viewpoint has an influence on orientation and modulating viewpoint can produce interesting experiences for people as they loose and gain orientation in the event. My research looks at the ways viewpoint affects cognitive simulation and I'm interested in ways to create disorientation as a rhetorical tool. My recent installation of the immersive pod with Geologic Cognition Society is an example of how space and time can be used to create a moment of disorientation. Here is the video that was played on the textured ceiling of the pod - it loses some of the effect when viewed on a screen rather than being "tented" under the image while laying down. The idea was to have a granular blur wash over the viewer. You will be able to see how the motion lingers after the film ends, I wanted this constant pushing of the image to work with saccades to control the eye. Participants in the experience reported varying experiences of time, some felt time speed up and others felt it slow down. We ran this project as a way to think about how to play with people's sense of time and space as we keep working on our larger geologic deep time piece. Anyway, you can read more about it in the earlier posts.