Designing Immersive Experiences of Geologic Deep Time

experiencing geologic deep time

I'm working to design an immersive experience with Geologic Cognition Society. It is a project that explores how to tell the story of geologic deep time using ambient sensory structures (like video and music) with content that has been empirically linked to conceptual structures in broader cross-cultural cognitive science research.  These conceptual structures are image schematic and overlap with the schematic structures of some of the most basic events in geochronological mappings of the sedimentary history of our planet. I'm currently mapping between the conceptual structures and the geologic events and creating a set of primitives that will be used to build out the experience. Using these structures, a multimedia experience will take listeners along a journey through deep time, compressing time-scales and unpacking sedimentary history in the process. The immersive experience will be presented in natural history museums and art galleries, where participants will sit in individual enclosures (immersive pods) which deprive the listener of other sensory distractions. Visualizations are projected onto screens within the pods, and participants are plunged into time in ways that Jules Verne would covet.