RYAN DEWEY’s work is a kind of ecological dreaming that takes shape as installation, performance, research, workshops, and land art to highlight the entanglements between people, places, and land use. He has been a resident at ACRE (Chicago), the Alps Art Academy (Switzerland), and the Montello Foundation (Nevada), as well as a visiting researcher in the department of Cognitive Science at Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland) where he wrote the open access book Hack the Experience: Tools for Artists from Cognitive Science (Punctum Books). He has received funding from the Ohio Arts Council and a Foundation for Contemporary Arts emergency grant. He operates across disciplines, seeking holism through art, anthropology, business, psychology, and the geosciences to unpack the interconnectedness of people, places, and planetary change. Often his work pops up in unexpected venues including the British Society for Geomorphology, the American Association of Geographers, Kickstarter, the University of Bern, Concordia University (Montreal), the Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative, the Annenberg School for Communication (Philadelphia), Progressive Insurance (Cleveland), SLA (Copenhagen). His scholarship appears internationally in KERB (Melbourne), MONU (Rotterdam), and Archinect. His installation and exhibition work appears in more traditional art venues including SPACES, ACRE, the Sculpture Center (Cleveland), as well as university galleries and artist-run spaces.