RYAN DEWEY is a post-disciplinary artist addressing ecological & social issues by conjuring new tools and processes for collaboration with nature.



MA - Cognitive Linguistics, Case Western Reserve University (2010-2012), Cleveland, Ohio - graduated with 4.0 (the highest possible mark), thesis advisors: Todd Oakley, Mark Turner, Fey Parrill. Emphasis on human attention, visual rhetoric, and spatial organization.



Art & Affect, Cleveland Institute of Art (Summer 2014)

Empirical Methods in Cognitive Linguistics (EMCL 6), Case Western Reserve University (8.1.2012 - 8.5.2012). Part of working group on aesthetics of Figure-Ground organization with Michele Feist and Seanna Coulson.

Protecting Human Research Participants, National Institutes of Health (NIH) Certification, (6.22.2011).

European Training Programme, UK, (Summer 2005). Course:Translation Methods.

Summer Institute of Linguistics, University of North Dakota, (Summer 2002). Courses: Discourse Analysis, Semantics, Advanced Phonology.



BFA Committee Member for Megan See, Ceramics, Cleveland Institute of Art (2017). (link)

Visiting Researcher, Cognitive Science, Case Western Reserve University (2014-2015). At invitation of Professor Todd Oakley (conducted self-directed research & teaching assistant, see below). (link)

Visiting Researcher, Cognitive Science, Case Western Reserve University (2012-2013). At invitation of Professor Todd Oakley (conducted self-directed research). (link)



Reflections on Binational Urbanism. (2016). Archinect. (link)

Hacking remoteness through viewpoint and cognition. (2014). KERB #22, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Australia. (KERB & full text)

Agency and the multifaceted stories of hybrid places. (cover story). (2014). MONU #20, Bureau of Architecture, Research, and Design, Rotterdam, Netherlands. (MONU & full text)

Hack the experience: Tools for artists from cognitive science. (forthcoming). Punctum Books, NYC. (link)

Landscaping the deep future: Implements for future glacial scouring (in contract). Punctum Books, NYC. 

A sense of space: Conceptualization in way-finding and navigation. (2012). Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio - research performed under National Park Service Scientific Research & Collecting Permit: CUVA-2011-SCI-0014 (permalink)



Looking to Geologic Pasts to Imagine Future Worlds, creative writing workshop at SPACES in collaboration with Sara Black, Amber Ginsburg, and Charles Oberndorf (1.5.2018) (link)

Landscaping the Deep Future (10.28.2016) Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative (CUDC) (link & video)

Salt in the Geologic Context of Cleveland (3.25.2016). Lecture at SPACES Gallery.

Designing a Research-Based Practice (10.21.2015). Workshop at Cleveland Institute of Art. At invitation of Professor Kevin Kautenburger.

Environment, Art, and Engaged Practice (Fall 2014). Critic at Cleveland Institute of Art. At invitation of Professor Kevin Kautenburger.

Cognition & Design (COGS 205) at Case Western Reserve University (Fall 2014). Teaching assistant, occasional lecturer, and workshop facilitator. At invitation of Professor Todd Oakley. (course description)

Being There: Attention and Anticipation in Film. (with Caleb Brown). Screening Scholarship Media Festival (3.2.2014) at the Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania.



Dirt Rosary featured in Arthur Russell's Haptic Hesitations plenary at Understanding the Senses: Past and Present, University of Bern, Switzerland (10.11.2017)

Positive Reinforcements, Theater Ninjas, Cleveland (9.15.2017-9.16.2017)

SEEN / UNSEEN / NOT SEEN, Muted Horn, Cleveland (9.9.2017-10.29.2017)

Visiting My Cousins Uzura & Imori Gakure, H Space, Cleveland (7.29.2017)

Algal Erotica, Bazaarbeque 8, Forum Artspace, Cleveland (7.21.2017 - 8.18.2017)

Chistes Mexicanos / Mexican Jokes, The First 100+ Days, SPACES, Cleveland (5.5.2017-6.30.2017) (link)

Visualising Geomorphology exhibition, British Society for Geomorphology Annual Meeting, Plymouth University (9.5.2016-9.7.2016)

UNDERNEATH IS BEFORE, Geologic Cognition Society, SPACES (R&D), Cleveland (1.29.2016-3.25.2016) (link)

Handbook for the Anthropocene Vol. 1-3, People’s Museum of Revisionist Natural Itstory, SPACES (11.20.2015 - 1.15.2016) (link)

IMPROBABLE OCEANS (business-as-form), Kickstarter, (4.21.2015 - 5.20.2015) (link)

Virtual Places: Core Logging the Anthropocene in Real-Time, Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting, Chicago (4.21.2015) (link, page 130)

Spring Therapy: a Multimodal Disorientation Environment, Geologic Cognition Society, Cleveland MiniMaker Faire (3.29.2014) (link)



The Earth Issue (interview) (12.20.2017) (link)

Love Letter #6 by Katherine Cooper (06.17.17) (link)

Multiple mentions in Psychonomic Society blog posts by Anja Jamrozik, Psychonomic Society (4.17.17 - 5.18.17) (index page link)

Spaces takes on Trump's 100 days in witty artistic critiques of immigration policy (photos, video), by Steven Litt, Cleveland Plain Dealer (5.5.17) (link to version)

Kid Art Review #8, by 10 year old Lila & SPACES (3.22.16) (link)

Interview with Dee Perry on Sound of Applause, Ideastream (NPR affiliate) (2.17.2016) (link)

Fancy Printing a Pizza? The Strange and Wonderful World of High-Tech Cooking, by Iain Cooper, Geek Squad (6.2.2015) (link)

Orbital Operations, by Warren Ellis (5.2015) (link to a version of the newsletter)

Supply Chain Seasoning, by Nicola Twilley, Edible Geography (5.1.2015) (link)



ACRE residency (2017) (link)

Ohio Arts Council, Special Project Funding for installation at SPACES (2016)

Cargill Deicing Technologies, Cleveland Mine, project sponsorship for installation at SPACES (2016)

Travel grant, Association of American Geographers (2015) 



SLA, Copenhagen, Denmark (link)



Founder & Principal, GEOLOGIC COGNITION SOCIETY (2013-present) - organized an art collaborative focused on reconnecting people to nature by building experiences and site-specific installations that play with emotion and perception in effort to shape collective experience of place. Find out more: GEOCOG.ORG.

Systems Architect (2006-2010) - built tightly integrated ontologies in an object-oriented database to model complex adaptive systems of varying scales (from products to enterprises). Developed proficiency in function modeling by adapting principles from ethnographic methods to business process modeling and requirements management.

Language Development Fieldwork - Nigeria (2005-2006) - conducted workshops with a team of linguists to facilitate local efforts for 10 languages with projects ranging from orthography (alphabet development) to discourse-level semantics and translation.

Anthropology Fieldwork - Papua New Guinea (Summer 2001) - conducted participant observation, ethnographic interviews and participant observation of horticultural and ethnobotanical practices.